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Linux Clusters: The HPC Revolution 2000 was sponsored in part by the following institutions:

National Computational Science Alliance  

The National Computational Science Alliance (Alliance) is a partnership to prototype an advanced computational infrastructure for the 21st century that includes more than 50 academic, government, and industry research partners. The NSF Partnerships for Advanced Computational Infrastructure (PACI) program funds the Alliance.

Advanced Computing Technology Center Corporation


The Advanced Computing Technology Center (ACTC) is an organization based at IBM's T.J. Watson Research facility in Yorktown Heights, NY. It is an organization of highly skilled computational scientists from a broad range of scientific disciplines. Their mission is to further the advancement of computational science through tools and applications research, and to accelerate the transfer of technology and information into the HPC community.



For over a decade HPCwire, the worldwide electronic publication of record for all aspects of the (H)igh (P)erformance (C)omputing industry, continues to keep it's readers at the leading edge of HPC news and information. HPCwire continues to be devoted primarily to ongoing developments across the entire spectrum of computationally-intensive hardware, software and integrated systems technology.

HPCwire's "72 HOURS IN THE NEWS", premiering May 24, 2002, will provide readers with daily HPC news. In an exclusive arrangement with one of the world's largest news agencies, 20,000 services are searched for HPC related news and information and used to update HPCwire's "72 HOURS IN THE NEWS" section on the Web,