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The conference took place at the Holiday Inn Conference Center near the University of Illinois campus and featured speakers from academia, government research labs, and industry involved in Linux high-performance computing. These speakers addressed efforts to integrate and develop Linux clusters for high-performance computing, and efforts to develop science and engineering applications for Linux clusters. The keynote address by Alliance and NCSA Director Dan Reed presented the NCSA's and the Alliance's vision, and the role Linux clusters will play in that vision.

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Monday, June 25, 2001- Tutorials (Beckman Institute)

8:00am Using the TotalView Debugger
Roy Heimbach, NCSA
Jeremy Enos, NCSA
10:00am Break
10:15am Using the TotalView Debugger
12:00pm Lunch
Beckman Institute Room 1005
1:00pm Performance Tuning Techniques for IA32- and IA64-Based Clusters
Troy Baer, OSC
Low-Cost Linux Clusters for Biomolecular Simulations Using NAMD
Jim Phillips, University of Illinois - Urbana-Champaign
3:00pm Break
3:15pm Performance Tuning Techniques for IA32- and IA64-Based Clusters
Low-Cost Linux Clusters for Biomolecular Simulations Using NAMD
5:00pm Adjourn Tutorial Sessions

Tuesday, June 26, 2001 (Holiday Inn)

8:30am Welcome to the Conference
8:45am Plenary Session I: Libertie, Egalitie, Fraternatie: Viva Linux Revolution!
Dan Reed, NCSA/Alliance
10:15am Break  
10:30am Applications I: Performance Issues -- Looking Under the Hood

Using PAPI for Hardware Performance Monitoring on Linux Clusters
Shirley Moore, University of Tennessee-Knoxville

The Web100 Project: The Global Impact of Eliminating The World Wide Wait
Matt Mathis, PSC
Systems I: Tools for Building Clusters

SCE - A Fully Integrated Software Tool for Beowulf Clusters
Putchong Uthayopas, Kasetsart University

OSCAR: A packaged Cluster software stack for High Performance Computing
Tim Mattson, Open Cluster Group (and Intel)
Vendors I

Innovative Interconnect for Clustering Linux Systems
John Levesque, Times N Systems
12:00pm Lunch    
1:30pm Applications II: Libraries for Application Performance

Performance of the MP_Lite Message-Passing Library on Clusters
Dave Turner, Ames Laboratory

Cluster Programming with Shared Memory on Disk
Sarah Anderson, LCSE/University of Minnesota
Systems II: Production Clusters

Setting Up and Running a Production Linux Cluster at PNNL
Gary Skouson, PNNL

High Throughput Linux Clustering at Fermilab
Steven C. Timm, Fermilab
Vendors II

Node Abstraction Techniques for Linux Installation
Sean Dague, IBM
3:00pm Break    
3:15pm Applications III: Experience with Discipline Specific Cluster Construction

Building a High Performance LINUX clusters for Large-scale Geophysical Modeling
Hans-Peter Bunge, Princeton University

Aeroacoustic and Turbulent Flow Simulations Using a Cluster of Workstations
Anirudh Modi, Pennsylvania State University
Systems III: Accounting / Monitoring

SNUPI - A Grid Accounting & Performance System
Ray Bean, SDSC

Cluster Monitoring at NCSA
Tom Roney, NCSA
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4:45pm Break    
6:00-9:00pm Conference Reception

Wednesday, June 27, 2001 (Holiday Inn)

8:30am Plenary Session II: Clusters: What's All the Fuss about Anyway?
Tim Mattson, Intel
10:00am Break  
10:15am Applications IV: Application Performance Analyses

Benchmarking Production Codes on Beowulf Clusters: The Sissa Case Study
Stefano Cozzini, INFM, udr Sissa

Performance of Tightly Coupled Linux Cluster Simulations Using PETSc of Reaction and Transport Processes During Corrosion Pit Initiation
Eric Webb, University of Illinois - Urbana-Champaign
Systems IV: Lessons Learned

Linux Cluster Security
Neil Gorsuch, NCSA

Lessons Learned from Proprietary HPC Cluster Software
Trey White, ORNL
11:45am Lunch  
1:15pm Applications V: Applications on Clusters

A Parallel Chemical Reactor Simulation Using Cactus
Karen Camarda, University of Kansas

Massively Parallel Visualization on Linux Clusters with Rocketeer Voyager
Robert Fiedler, CSAR/University of Illinois - Urbana-Champaign
Systems V: Something Different

Cheap Cycles from the Desktop to the Dedicated Cluster
Derek Wright, University of Wisconsin

New Issues and New Opportunities in HPC Scheduling with the Maui Scheduler
Dave Jackson
3:00pm Conference Wrap-Up  
3:30pm Adjourn Conference