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[Note: We were unable to secure releasable versions of all keynote presentations. We provide here those that we could post.]

Compute Clusters at the Chrysler Group: Battle Scars and Victory Parades
-John Picklo

Supercomputing Beyond the Genome
-John Reynders


Benchmarking I/O Solutions for Clusters
-Stefano Cozzini and Moshe Bar

The Design, Implementation , and Evaluation of mpiBLAST
-Aaron E. Darling, Lucas Carey, and Wu-chun Feng

Object Storage: Scalable Bandwidth for HPC Clusters
-Garth A. Gibson, Brent B. Welch, David F. Nagel, and Bruce C. Moxon

Large Scale Parallel Reservoir Simulations on a Linux PC Cluster
-Walid A. Habiballah and M. Ehtesham Hayder

Scalable Performance of FLUENT on NCSA IA-32 Linux Cluster
-Wai Yip Kwok

Moore's Law and Cluster Computing: When Moore Is Not Enough
-Greg Lindahl, Distinguished Engineer, Key Research, Inc.

On the Numeric Efficiency of C++ Packages in Scientific Computing
-Ullises Mello and Ildar Khabibrakhmanov

Performance Evaluation of Load Sharing Policies with PANTS on Beowulf Cluster
-James Nichols and Mark Claypool

Analyzing Cluster Log Files Using Logsurfer
-Jim Prewett

Cooperative Caching in Linux Clusters
-Ying Xu and Brett D. Fleisch



Supercomputing Center Management Using AIRS
-Robert A. Ballance, Jared Galbraith, and Roy Heimbach

Achieving Order Through CHAOS: The LLNL HPC Cluster Experience
-Ryan L. Braby, Jim E. Garlick, and Robin J. Goldstone

A Simple Installation and Administration Tool for the Large-Scaled PC Cluster System: DCAST
-Tomoyuki Hiroyasu, Mitsumori Miki, Kenzo Kodama, Junichi Uekawa, and Jack Dongarra

SLURM: Simple Linux Utility for Resource Management
-Morris Jette and Mark Grondona

The Cluster Integration Toolkit
-James H. Laros III, Lee Ward, Nathan W. Dauchy, James Vasak, Ruth Klundt, Glen Laguna, Marcus Epperson, and Jon R. Stearley

A Middleware-Level Parallel Transfer Technique over Multiple Network Interfaces
-Nader Mohamed, Jameela Al-Jaroodi, Hong Jiang, and David Swanson

Full Circle: Simulating Linux Clusters on Linux Clusters
-Luis Ceze, Karin Strauss, George Almas, Patrick J. Bohrer,José R. Brunheroto, Calin Cascaval, José G. Castaños Derek Lieber, Xavier Martorell, José Moreira, Alda Sanomiya, and Eugen Schenfeld

Memory Performance of Dual-Processor Nodes: Comparison of Intel, Xeon, and AMD Opteron Memory Subsystem Architectures
-Chona S. Guiang, Kent F. Milfeld, Avijit Purkayastha, and John R. Boisseau

Scalable C3 Power Tools
-Brian Luethke and Stephen L. Scott

The Space Simulator
-Michael S. Warren, Chris Fryer, and M. Patrick Goda

Scheduling for Improved Write Performance in a Cost-Effective, Fault-Tolerant Parallel Virtual File System (CEFT-PVFS)
-Yifeng Zhu, Hong Jiang, Xiao Qin, Dan Feng, and David R. Swanson


Running BLAST on a Linux Cluster
-Ray Hookway, Ph.D., High Performance Computing Expertise Center, HP

Biobrew Linux: A Linux Cluster Distribution For Bioinformatics
-Glen Otero, President, Callident

Terascale Linux Clusters: Supercomputing Solutions for the Life Sciences
-Dr. Bruce Ling, Director, Bioinformatics, Tularik, Inc. ; Padmanabhan Iyer, Linux NetworX

Blade Servers for Genomic Research
-Ron Neyland, Director of Cluster Systems Engineering, RLX Technologies

To Cluster or Not Cluster
-Tom Scanlon

High Performance Mathematical Libraries for Itanium 2 Clusters
-Hsin-Ying Lin, Sr. Engineer, HPTC Software Development Engineering, HP

Parallel Computational Biology Tools and Applications for Windows Clusters
-Jaroslaw Pillardy, Cornell Theory Center

Building Software for High Performance Informatics and Chemistry
-Joseph Landman, Ph.D., CEO Scalable Informatics LLC

Automotive and Aerospace Engineering

Cluster Computing in Space Applications
-Eric George, The Aerospace Corporation

Full Vehicle Dynamic Analysis Using Automated Component Modal Synthesis
-Peter Schartz, MSC.Software

Using Clusters to Deliver Turn Key CFD Solutions
-Greg Stuckert, Fluent

LS-DYNA: CAE Simulation Software on Linux Clusters
-Guangye Li, IBM

Linux Clusters in the German Automotive Industry
-Dr. Karsten Gaier, science + computing AG

Improving Multi-site/Multi-departmental Cluster Systems Through Data Grids in the Automotive and Aerospace Industries
-Andrew Grimshaw, CTO & Founder, Avaki

Scrutinizing CFD Performance on Multiple Linux Cluster Architectures
-Thomas Hauser, Assistant Professor, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering, Utah State University

Managing CAE Simulation Workload in Cluster Environments
-Michael M. Humphrey, Vice President, Enterprise Business Computing Unit, Altair

Digital Content Creation / Scientific Visualization / Simulation

The Current State of Numerical Weather Prediction on Cluster Technology - What is Needed to Break the 25% Efficiency Barrier?
-Dan Weber, Center for the Analysis and Prediction of Storms

Building and Using Tiled Display Walls
-Paul Rajlich, National Center for Supercomputing Applications

Discovery and Analysis of Communication Patterns in Complex Network-based Systems Using Virtual Environments
-Tom Caudell, University of New Mexico

HPC and HA Clustering for Online Gaming
-Jesper Jensen, SCI

Large Scale Scientific Visualization on PC Clusters
-Brian Wylie, Sandia National Laboratories

In the Architecture of an Audio Identification Cluster
-Daniel Culbert, Shazam Entertainment, Inc.

The Use of Clusters for Engineering Simulation
-Lynn Lewis, HP

NEESgrid: Virtual Collaboratory for Earthquake Engineering and Simulation
-Tom Prudhomme, National Center for Supercomputing Applications

Cluster Solutions

Building the TeraGrid: The World's Largest Grid, Fastest Linux Cluster, and Fastest Optical Network Dedicated to Open Science
-Pete Beckman, Director of Engineering, TeraGrid, Argonne National Laboratory

Building Blocks for 64-bit AMD Opteron Clusters
-Richard Brunner, Senior Member, Technical Staff, AMD

Tools for Optimizing HPC Applications on Intel Clusters
-Don Gunning, Intel

The Ultra-Scalable HPTC Lustre Filesystem
-Kent Koeninger, HP

Building the World's Most Powerful Cluster: 11.2 Tflops at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
-Kim Clark, VP of Engineering, Linux NetworX

Driving Cluster/Grid Technologies in HPC
-David Barkai, HPC Computational Architect, Intel

Emerging Trends in Data Center Powering and Cooling
-Wahid Nawabi, Director, Worldwide Enterprise Segment, APC

The Virtual Environment and Its Impact on IT Infrastructure
-Daniel Kusnetzky, Vice President, System Software Research, IDC

Petroleum / Geophysical Exploration

Exploring the Earth's Subsurface with Itanium 2 Linux Clusters
-Keith Gray, British Petroleum

Scalability Considerations for Compute Intensive Applications on Clusters
-Christian Tanasescu, SGI

Parallel Reservoir Simulation on Intel Xeon HPC Clusters
-Kamy Sepehrnoori, University of Texas Austin ; Reza Rooholamini, Director of OS & Clustering Group, Dell

Geoscience Visualization and Seismic Processing Clusters: Collaboration and Integration Issues
-Phil Neri, Paradigm

Cluster Computing at CGG
-L. Clerc

Grid Computing In The Energy Industry
-Jamie Bernardin, CTO, DataSynapse

Drilling in the Digital Oil Field: High Pay-offs from Linux Clusters
-Shawn Fuller, HP