This is an archived page of the 2004 conference


Plenary Speaker

HPC Revolution: Growing Pains
-Brian Ropers-Huilman, Louisiana State University, USA

Cluster Health

Data Rates

A NIC-Offload Implementation of Portals for Quadrics QsNet
-Kevin Pedretti, TACC/University of Texas, USA

Applications Presentations I

Dynamic Load-Balancing Algorithm Porting on MIMD
-Francisco Muniz, CDTN/CNEN, Brazil

Optimizing Linux Cluster Performance by Exploring the Correlation between Application Characteristics and Gigabit Ethernet Device Parameters
-Onur Celebioglu, Dell Inc., USA

Performance Analysis of a Hybrid Parallel Linear Algebra Kernel
-Sue Goudy, New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology, USA

Applications Presentations II: Education and Training

In Search of Clusters for High-Performance Computing Education
-Paul Gray, University of Northern Iowa, USA

Classroom Exercises for Grid Services
-Amy Apon, University of Arkansas, USA

Automating the Large-Scale Collection and Analysis of Performance Data on Linux Clusters
-Rick Kufrin, NCSA/University of Illinois, USA

Applications Tech Presentations

ChaMPIon/Pro - The Complete MPI-2 for Massively Parallel Linux
-Rossen Dimitrov, MPI Software Technology, Inc.

Overcoming the Gap between Peak and Achievable Performance in High-Performance Computing
-Ron Westfall, Cray Canada

High-Performance Computing: Past, Present, and Future
-Bruce Moxon, Panasas

Systems Presentations I

Unified Heterogeneous HPCC Hardware Management Framework
-Ying-Chin Fang, Dell Inc., USA

Cluster Security as a Unique Problem with Emergent Properties: Issues and Techniques
-Joe Greenseid, NCSA/University of Illinois, USA

Batch System Deployment on a Production Terascale Cluster
-Karl W. Schulz, TACC/University of Texas, USA

Systems Presentations II: Processor and File System Performance

Performance Characteristics of Dual-Processor HPC Systems Based on 64-bit Commodity Processors
-Chona S. Guiang, TACC/University of Texas, USA

An Analysis of State-of-the-Art Parallel File Systems for Linux
-Martin W. Margo, SDSC/University of California - San Diego, USA

Comparing Linux Clusters for the Community Climate System Model
-Matthew Woitaszek, University of Colorado - Boulder, US

Systems Tech Presentations

Future Directions Cluster Software
-James Laros, Sandia National Laboratories

Automatic Software Updates on Heterogeneous Clusters with STACI
-Michael Shuey, Purdue University