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LCI's 7th International Conference, Linux Clusters: The HPC Revolution 2006, will be held in Norman, Oklahoma at the University of Oklahoma in the Thurman J. White Forum Building. The 4-day event, including conference and tutorials, will feature a broad range of presentations and papers from HPC and large-scale cluster computing professionals in industry, academia, and government. Speakers will address efforts to integrate and develop science and engineering applications for large-scale clusters, to achieve maximum performance and scalability. A full day of tutorials will be offered as part of the overall program.

The technical program will include both peer-reviewed paper presentations and discipline- and industry-specific sessions offering researchers and industry leaders the opportunity to present their experiences with applications. tools, user environments, and administration of large-scale clusters. Presentations from industry are specifically being invited from the petroleum and geophysics, bioinformatics, aerospace and automotive, and finance sectors.

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Monday, May 1, 2006

8:30am Tutorial I:
Tutorial II: Advanced Cluster and Grid Management with Moab Cluster Suite Dave Jackson, Cluster Resources, Inc., USA Tutorial III: Towards Highly Available, Scalable, and Secure Computer Clusters wth HA-OSCAR
Ibrahim Haddad, Condordia University; Chokchai Leangsuksun, Louisiana Tech University; Stephen L. Scott, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA
Tutorial IV:
Tutorial X: OpenIB
Stephen Poole
10:00am Break 
10:30am Tutorial I: (Cont'd) Tutorial II: (Cont'd) Tutorial III:
Tutorial IV:
Tutorial X: (Cont'd)
12:00pm Lunch 
1:30pm Tutorial I: (Cont'd) Tutorial V:   Object-Based Cluster Storage Systems
David Nagle and Brent Welch, Panasas, Inc., USA
Tutorial VI: Resource Management Using SLURM
Morris Jette, Lawrence Livermore National Lab, USA
Tutorial VII:   Machine Room Design
Timothy Thomas, University of New Mexico, USA
Tutorial VIII: Intel Cluster Tools
Werner Krotz-Vogel Intel, USA
Tutorial IX: HPC and MPI: OpenMPI Tuning
Graham E. Fagg, University of Tennesse, USA
3:00pm Break
3:30pm Tutorial I: (Cont'd) Tutorial V: (Cont'd) Tutorial VI: (Cont'd)   Tutorial VII: (Cont'd) Tutorial VIII: (Cont'd) Tutorial IX: (Cont'd)
5:00pm End of Tutorials

Tuesday, May 2, 2006

8:30am Welcome to the Conference
8:45am Plenary Session I:
An Overview of High-Performance Computing and Challenges for the Future
Jack Dongarra
University of Tennessee at Knoxville, USA
10:00am Break 
10:30am Applications Papers I: Performance  A Comparison of Single-Core and Dual-Core Opteron Processor Performance of HPM
Doug Pase and Matthew A. Eckl, IBM, USA Performance Analysis of AERMOD on Commodiyd
George Delic, HiPERiSM Consulting, USA Performance Lessons from the Cray XT3
Jeff Larkin, Cray Inc., USA
Systems Papers I: Filesystems and Cluster Management  Building of a GNU/Linux-absed Bootable Cluster CD
Paul Gray, Jeff Chapin, Univeristy of Northern Iowa; Tobias McNulty, Earlham College, USA Improviing Cluster Managemnt with Scalable Filesystems
Adam Boggs, Jason Cope, University of Colorado, Boulder; Sean McCreary, Michael Oberg, Henry M. Tufo, Theron Voran and Matthew Woitaszek, University of Colorado, Boulder and National Center for Atmospheric Research, USA The Hydra Filesystem: A Distrbuted Storage Famework
Benjamin Gonzalez and George K. Thiruvathukal, Loyal University, Chicago, USA
12:00pm Lunch 
1:30pm Vendor Presentations I:   TBD
2:00pm Applications Papers II:   Experiences in Optimizing a Numercial Weather Predicition Model: An Exercise in Futility?
Dan Weber and Henry Neeman, University of Oklahoma, USA Benchmark Analysis of 64-bit Servers for Linux Clusters for Application in Molecular Modeling and Atomistic Simulations
Stephano Cozzini, CNR-INFM DemocritosNatinal Simuation Center; Roger Roussseau, Sissa; Axel Kohlmeyer, University of Pennsylvania, USA
Technical Briefs Simplifying Message-Passing Programming for Novices
Tim McGuire, Sam Houston State University, USA Update on the FastOS Program
Barney Maccabe, University of New Mexico, USA Update on BG/L
Moe Jette, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, USA The Easiest Way to Deliver Massive Data Throughput
Jim Hetherington, Terrascale, USA Raytheon Update
Kim McClure, Raytheon, USA
3:00pm Break
3:30pm Vendor Presentations II: TBD
4:00pm Vendor Presentations III: HPC Into The Mainstream
Stephen Wheat, Intel
4:30pm Vendor Presentations IV: Real Application Scaling
Greg Lindahl, PathScale
5:00pm Vendor Presentations V: Myri-10G: Overview and a Report on Early Deployments
Tom Leinberger, Myricom
5:30pm Break
Conference Reception, Poster Session, Machine Room Tours

Wednesday, May 3, 2006

8:30am Welcome
8:45am Plenary Session II: High-End Operating Systems: Status and Future
Frederick C. Johnson
DOE, Office of Science, USA
10:00am Break 
10:30am Applications Papers III: Tools Intel Cluster Tools
Ullrich Becker-Lemgau, Intel, USA A Test Harness TH for Evaluatiing Code Changes in Scientific Software
Brian T. Smith, Numerica 21 Inc., USA An Intetgrated Performance Tools Environment
Luiz DeRose, Cray Inc., USA
Systems Papers III: Cluster Efficiencies ClearSpeed Accelerators in Linux Clusters
John L. Gustafson, ClearSpeed Technology, USA Maestro-VC: On-Demad Secure Cluster Computing Using Virtualization
Nadir Kiyanclar, Gregory A. Koenig, William Yurcik, National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA)/UIUC, USA Architectural Tradeoffs for Unifying Campus Grid Resources
Bart Taylor and Amy Apon, University of Arkansas, USA
12:00pm Lunch 
1:30pm Vendor Presentations VI: PGI Compilers and Tools for Scientists and Engineers
Doug Miiles, Portland Group (PGI)
2:00pm Applications Papers IV: Evaluation of RDMA over Ethernet Technology for Building Cost-Effective Linux Clusters
Michael Oberg, Henry M. Tufo, Theron Voran, Matthew Woitascek, University of Colorado, Boulder, USA Performance of Voltaire InfiniBand in IBM 64-Bit Commodity HPC Clusters
Douglas Pase, IBM, USA
Technical Briefs Red Storm Update
Robert Ballance, Sandia National Laboratory, USA TI-05 and DICE
Mahmoud Hanaf, Wright Patterson Air Force Base, USA Oak Ridge Update
Sarp Oral, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA Thunderbird Update
Jerry Smith, Sandia National Laboratory, USA
3:00pm Break
3:30pm Vendor Presentations VII: On the Path to Adaptive Supercomputing
Luiz DeRose, Cray
4:00pm Vendor Presentations VIII: TBD
4:30pm Vendor Presentations IX: TBD
5:00pm Vendor Presentations X TBD
5:30pm Break
7:30 -
Speaker's Corner

Thursday, May 4, 2006

8:30am Welcome
8:45am Plenary Session III: Cluster Computing in Everyday Biomedical Research: Past, Present, and Future
Klaus Schulten
Director, UIUC Theoretical and Computational Biophysics Group, USA
10:00am Break 
10:30am Systems Papers V: LEA: A Cluster-Intensive Simulation Software for Unit Commitment
Riadh Zorgati, Wim Van Ackooij, Jean-Marc Luel, Pierre Thomas, EDF; Michael Uchanski, Kevin Shea, The Mathworks Inc., USA Lessons for the Cluster Community from an Experiment in Model Coupling with Python
Michael Tobis, Mike Steder, Ray Pierrehumbert, University of Chicago; Robert Jacob, Argonne National Laboratory, USA An Equation-by-Equation Method for Large Problems in a Distributed Computing Environment
Ganesh Thiagarajan and Anoop G. Varghese, Univeristy of Missouri, Kansas City, USA
Systems Papers VI: High Availability On the Survivability of Standard MPI Applications
Anand Tikotekar, Chokchai Leangsuksun, Louisiana Tech University; Stephen L. Scott, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA Cluster Survivability with ByzwATCh: A Bysantine Hardware Fault Deterctor for Parallel Machines with Charm++
D. Mogilevsky, G. Koenig, W. Yurcik, National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA)/UIUC, USA Cluster-Aware SELinux
Arpan Darivemula, Anan Tikotekar, Chokchai Leangsuksun, Louisiana Tech Uviersity, USA; Makan Pourzandi, Ericsson Research Canada
12:00pm Lunch 
1:30pm Panel Discussion: The Business of HPC
Moderator: Timothy Thomas, University of New Mexico
Panelists: John Towns, National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA), Earl Joseph, IDC, Stephen Wheat, Intel, Others TBA
3:00pm Adjourn Conference

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