This is an archived page of the 2006 conference

technical papers

Applications Papers I: Performance

A Comparison of Single-Core and Dual-Core Opteron Processor Performance of HPM
-Pase, Douglas M., IBM, USA

Performance Analysis of AERMOD on Commodity Platforms
-Delic, George, HiPERiSM Consulting, USA

Applications Papers II

Experiences in Optimizing a Numercial Weather Predicition Model: An Exercise in Futility?
-Weber, Dan and Henry Neeman, University of Oklahoma, USA

Benchmark Analysis of 64-Bit Servers for Linux Clusters for Application in Molecular Modeling and Atomistic Simulations
-Cozzini, Stefano, CNR-INFM Democritos National Simulation Center, Italy

Applications Papers III: Applications, Visualizations

Evaluation of RDMA over Ethernet Technology for Building Cost-Effective Linux Clusters
-Oberg, Michael, University of Colorado, Boulder, USA

Performance of Voltaire Infiniband in IBM 64-Bit Commodity HPC Clusters
-Pase, Douglas M., IBM, USA


Systems Papers I: File Systems and Cluster Management

Building of a GNU/Linux-Based Bootable Cluster CD
-Gray, Paul, University of Northern Iowa, USA

Improving Cluster Management with Scalable Filesystems
-Cope, Jason, University of Colorado, Boulder, USA

The Hydra Filesystem: A Distributed Storage Framework
-González, Benjamin, Loyola University, Chicago, USA

Systems II: Cluster Efficiencies

Maestro-VC: On-Demand Secure Cluster Computing Using Virtualization
-Kiyanclar, Nadir, National Center for Supercomputing Applications/UIUC, USA

Architectural Tradeoffs for Unifying Campus Grid Resources
-Taylor, Bart, Acxiom Corporation, USA

Systems III

An Equation-by-Equation Method for Large Problems in a Distributed Environment
-Thiagarajan, Ganesh, University of Missouri, Kansas City, USA

Systems IV: High Availability

On the Survivability of Standard MPI Applications
-Tikotekar, Anand, Louisiana Tech University, USA

RASS Framework for a Cluster-Aware SELinux
-Darivemula, Arpan, Louisiana Tech University, USA