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Based in Warwick (UK), Allinea Software, a trading division of Concurrent Thinking Ltd, is a leading supplier of tools for multi-core and high-performance computing. Allinea was founded by computer scientists from Warwick and Oxford Universities, giving the company unrivalled expertise in large-scale parallel computing. Its first software product, the Distributed Debugging Tool (DDT), is an established product with a worldwide customer base that includes a large number of universities, government research institutes and high-profile commercial organizations. Following the subsequent release of its Optimisation and Profiling Tool (OPT), Allinea aims to provide application developers with a comprehensive, scalable, yet highly intuitive toolkit.

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Cisco offers a comprehensive line of high-performance server interconnect products including the low-latency, high-bandwidth SFS InfiniBand line, and the highly regarded Catalyst line of Ethernet-switching products. Cisco is driving innovation within High Performance Clustered (HPC) Computing as the first vendor to ship double data rate InfiniBand switching with the lowest bit error rate on the market, host optimization with unique host drivers, and low-latency Ethernet as benchmarked with the Catalyst 6000 switching platform. Cisco equipment is used to interconnect 6 of the top 10 computing clusters, including a 4500-node fabric for Sandia National Laboratories. Cisco HPC switching products are integrated and available through well-recognized server vendors, including Dell, IBM, and HP. Visit for more information.

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Cluster Resources, Inc. is a leading provider of workload and resource management software and services for cluster, grid and utility-based computing environments. Cluster Resources delivers software products and services that enable an organization to understand, control, and fully optimize resources, including computational hardware, storage, network and licenses. Cluster Resources' solutions efficiently manage the interactions between compute resources and consumers across submission, sharing, monitoring, administration, reporting, and billing processes. Cluster Resources provides the most intelligent policy engine in the industry, unifying management so all investments are consumed to help organizations reach their objectives.

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As the global leader in high-performance computing (HPC), Cray provides innovative supercomputing systems that enable scientists and engineers in government, industry and academia to meet both existing and future computational challenges. Building on years of experience in designing, developing, marketing and servicing the world's most advanced supercomputers, Cray offers a comprehensive portfolio of HPC systems that deliver unrivaled sustained performance on a wide range of applications. Go to for more information.

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DataDirect Networks is the world's leading provider of networked storage and cluster solutions for high-performance computing and rich media. DataDirect's award winning S2A storage network controllers, based on the unique Silicon Storage Appliance technology, enable the creation of high-performance Storage Area Networks and supercomputing clusters, bringing unparalleled performance, cost-effective scalability and simplified management to HPC and rich-media customers.

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Dell Inc. (NASDAQ: DELL) is a premier provider of products and services required for customers worldwide to build their information-technology and Internet infrastructures. Dell, through its direct business model, designs, manufactures and customizes products and services to customer requirements, and offers an extensive selection of software and peripherals. Information on Dell and its products can be obtained at

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eXludus provides technology for optimization of clusters and grids, especially for data intensive workloads.  Our intelligent data transfer management software supports a range of capabilities which include Data transfer, Data activated processing, Data aware scheduling, Data synchronization, Process scheduling control, and Information feedback.

Today, eXludus is quickly gaining recognition as a leader in data provisioning technology, delivering increased efficiency and outstanding ROI to its customers.  eXludus’s technology provides a cost effective means for scaling large computational clusters and grids and for getting the most out of existing compute node, network and file server infrastructures.  The software efficiently runs on any IP network, and can be used with any file serving infrastructure and without application modification.

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Cut your computing challenges down to size with HP’s Unified Cluster Portfolio, an innovative, modular package of tested and pre-configured hardware, software and services that significantly boost the performance and functionality of clusters while reducing their complexity for high performance computing (HPC) users. Launched in 2004, the portfolio provides scalable solutions for computation, data management and visualization. Portfolio options include HP BladeSystem servers, the industry’s top-selling blade servers that feature innovative power and cooling management, high density, and support for high performance cluster interconnects. HP has also led the HPC market for four consecutive years. For more information go to

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IBM innovation drives the creation, development and manufacture of the industry's more advanced information technologies, including computer systems, software, networking systems, storage devices and microelectronics. IBM offers one of the industry's richest portfolio of server and storage systems and supports the broadest choice of operating systems and form factors. IBM translates these advanced technologies into value through professional solutions and services businesses worldwide - allowing customers to match technology to their business needs.

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Intel, the world leader in silicon innovation, develops technologies, products and initiatives to continually advance how people work and live. Additional information about Intel is available at

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Myricom, Inc., a privately held California corporation founded in 1994, created Myrinet, the leading high-speed, low-latency network for connecting computers to form clusters. There are many thousands of Myrinet clusters in use worldwide. These clusters are used for computationally demanding scientific and engineering applications, and for data-intensive web and database applications. Myrinet technology is used in 38.6% of the November 2004 TOP500 sites, including clusters of up to more than 3,500 processors. In addition to direct sales, Myricom supplies Myrinet products and software to IBM, HP, Dell, Sun, Linux Networx, and many other OEM and system-integration companies.

The National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA) at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign is a leader in developing and deploying cutting-edge high-performance computing, networking, and information technologies. NCSA is a partner in the TeraGrid project, a National Science Foundation initiative to build and deploy the world's largest, fastest, most comprehensive, distributed infrastructure for open scientific research. In addition to the NSF, NCSA receives support from the state of Illinois, the University of Illinois, private sector partners, and other federal agencies.

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PeakStream redefines the High Performance Computing (HPC) market with its easy-to-use software application platform that harnesses the power of next-generation processors. From multi-core CPUs to GPUs to Cell, PeakStream provides developers a robust software application platform, enabling applications to run seamlessly on multiple processors without rewriting or recompilation.

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The Portland Group, Inc. (PGI) is the premier supplier of software compilers and tools for parallel computing, known on markets as PGI products. The Portland Group offers high-performance scalar and parallel Fortran, C and C++ compilers and tools for 32-bit x86 (AMD AthlonXP, Intel Pentium 4 and Xeon), 64-bit AMD64 technology (AMD Opteron) and 64-bit IA32 EM64T (Intel Xeon-64) processor-based workstations, servers and clusters.

The focus of the Portland Group is to provide the highest performance, production-quality compilers and software development tools to the High Performance Technical Computing (HPTC) market.

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Scali is the path to higher performance computing. As more organizations leverage the power of clustered servers to create cost-effective performance environments, the need for software solutions that can optimize those environments, both at deployment and during run time, is becoming critical. Scali's suite of software products are designed to help organizations maximize the performance of Linux clusters while reducing the cost and complexity of their deployment and ongoing operation.

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Sun Microsystems Federal Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Sun Microsystems, Inc., identifies, captures and manages strategic opportunities, including securing government contracts that bring Sun's solutions to the U.S. Federal government.  Since our inception in 1982, the vision of "The Network is the Computer" has evolved into the Participation Age. We see everyone and everything participating on the network. Our company is an innovative industry leader in servers, storage, software, and services with a 100 percent focus on network computing.

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