2017 Introductory Workshop

Travel Information


Laramie offers a small regional airport with limited flights. Flights into Laramie are typically $80-$150 higher than flying to Denver.

Attendees can also choose to fly into the Denver International Airport (DIA) and either rent a car or take a shuttle to Laramie (approximately 2.5-3 hours). It is recommended that travelers arrange all legs of their journey prior to embarking.

NOTE: There is currently only one flight available into Laramie on Sunday, May 21, departing DIA at 10:00 pm and arriving in Laramie at 10:58 pm provided by United Airlines.


Transportation options between DIA and Laramie:

Rental car

Green Ride shuttle

Phone: 888.472.6656
Website: http://www.greenrideco.com/
Email: support@greenrideco.com


Transportation options between and Laramie Regional Airport and Laramie hotels:

Snowy Range Taxi, LLC

Phone: 307.343.4492 or 307.343.2323
Website: http://www.snowyrangetaxi.com/
Email: management@snowyrangetaxi.com


Phone: 307.760.0639
Website: http://www.facebook.com/fareridelaramie/

Laramie Taxi

Address: 1856 Harrison Street, West Laramie, WY
Phone: 307.761.9891 or 561.859.5516
Website: http://www.laramietaxi.com/
Email: anejosphio@yahoo.com