This is an archived page of the 2001 conference

technical papers

Applications I: Performance Issues -- Looking Under the Hood
Applications II: Libraries for Application Performance
Performance of the MP_Lite Message-Passing Library on Clusters
-Weiyei Chen, Ames Laboratory

Cluster Programming with Shared Memory on Disk
-Sarah Anderson, LCSE/University of Minnesota
Applications III: Experience with Discipline Specific Cluster Construction
Building a High Performance LINUX clusters for Large-scale Geophysical Modeling
-Hans-Peter Bunge, Princeton University

Aeroacoustic and Turbulent Flow Simulations Using a Cluster of Workstations
-Anirudh Modi, Pennsylvania State University
Applications IV: Application Performance Analyses
Benchmarking Production Codes on Beowulf Clusters: The Sissa Case Study
-Stefano Cozzini, INFM, udr Sissa

Performance of Tightly Coupled Linux Cluster Simulations Using PETSc of Reaction and Transport Processes During Corrosion Pit Initiation
-Joshua Gray, University of Illinois - Urbana-Champaign
Applications V: Applications on Clusters
A Parallel Chemical Reactor Simulation Using Cactus
-Karen Camarda, University of Kansas

Massively Parallel Visualization on Linux Clusters with Rocketeer Voyager
-Robert Fiedler, CSAR/University of Illinois - Urbana-Champaign
Systems I: Tools for Building Clusters
SCE - A Fully Integrated Software Tool for Beowulf Clusters
-Putchong Uthayopas, Kasetsart University

OSCAR: A packaged Cluster software stack for High Performance Computing The Open Cluster Group
-Tim Mattson, Open Cluster Group (and Intel)
Systems II: Production Clusters
Setting Up and Running a Production Linux Cluster at PNNL
-Gary Skouson, PNNL

High Throughput Linux Clustering at Fermilab
-Steven C. Timm, Fermilab
Systems III: Accounting / Monitoring
SNUPI - A Grid Accounting & Performance System
-Ray Bean, SDSC

Cluster Monitoring at NCSA
-Tom Roney, NCSA
Systems IV: Lessons Learned
Linux Cluster Security
-Neil Gorsuch, NCSA

Lessons Learned from Proprietary HPC Cluster Software
Trey White, ORNL
Systems V: Something Different
Cheap Cycles from the Desktop to the Dedicated Cluster
-Derek Wright, University of Wisconsin

New Issues and New Opportunities in HPC Scheduling with the Maui Scheduler
-Dave Jackson, University of Utah
Vendor Presentations
Node Abstraction Techniques for Linux Installation
-Sean Dague, IBM

Innovative Interconnect for Clustering Linux Systems
-John Levesque, Times N Systems