This is an archived page of the 2002 conference

technical papers

Plenary Presentations (Abstracts Only)

Seismic & Linux: From Curiosity to Commodity
-Dr. Mike Turff, Global PGS Data Processing

Scaling Up and Scaling Down
-Dr. Daniel A. Reed, National Center for Supercomputing Applications(NCSA)

Challenges of Terascale Computing
-Dr. William Pulleyblank, IBM

Cluster Busters

Programming Models

Remote Memory Operations on Linux Clusters Using the Global Arrays Toolkit, GPSHMEM and ARMCI
-Chona S. Guiang, TACC/University of Texas, USA

Supercomputing in Plain English: Teaching High-Performance Computing to Inexperienced Programmers
-Henry Neeman, Oklahoma University, USA

Applications I: Applications Performance Analysis

Scaling Behavior of Linear Solvers on Large Linux Clusters
-John Fettig, NCSA/University of Illinois - Urbana-Champaign, USA

Benchmarking of a Commercial Linux Cluster
-Daniele Tessera, Universita di Pavia, Italy

Applications II: Applications Performance on Clusters

A Comparative Study of the Performance of a CFD Progams across Different Linux Cluster Architectures
-Thomas Hauser, Utah State University, USA

Scalability of a Tera-Scale Linux-Based Clusters from Parallel Ab Initio Molecular Dynamics
-Jungwoo Hong, KISTI, Korea

openMosix vs Beowulf: A Case Study
-Stefano Cozzini, INFM, Italy

Applications III: Experiences with Portability and I/O

Adventures with Portability
-Elizabeth Post, Lincoln University, New Zealand

Experiences with the Parallel Virtual File System (PVFS) in Linux Clusters
-Kent Milfeld, TACC/University of Texas, USA

Systems I: System Performance Issues

Checkpointing and Migration of Parallel Processes Based on Message-Passing Interfaces
-Zhang Youhui, Tsinghua University, China

An Analytical Model to Evaluate the Perforoance of Cluster Architecture
-César A.F. DeRose, PUCRS - Faculdade de Informatica, Brazil

Systems II: Cluster Management and Monitoring

High-Performance Linux Cluster Monitoring Using Java
-David Henry, Linux NetworX

CRONO: A Configurable Management System for Linux Clusters
-César A.F. De Rose, PUCRS - Faculdade de Informatica, Brazil

Parallel, Distributed Scripting with Python
-Patrick Miller, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, USA

Systems III: Processor and Network Performance

A Study of Hyper-Threading in High-Performance Computing Clusters
-Tau Leng, Dell

A Performance Comparison of Myrinet Protocol Stacks
-Ron Brightwell, University of Nebraska, USA

Vendor Presentations (Abstracts Only)

Delivering Linux Cluster Solutions to the High-Performace Marketplace
-Joseph Banas, IBM

Designing Supercomputers to Fit Your Needs
-Tim Mattson, Intel