This is an archived page of the 2005 conference

technical papers

Applications Papers I

Performance Metrics for Ocean and Air Quality Models on Commodity Linux Platforms
-Delic, George, HiPERiSM Consulting, USA

Cluster Computing through an Application-Oriented Computational Chemistry Grid
-Milfeld, Kent, Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC), USA

A Resource Management System for Adaptive Parallel Applications in Cluster Environments
-Ghafoor, Sheikh K., Mississippi State University, USA

Applications Papers II

Large Scale Simulations in Nanostructures with NEMO3-D on Linux Clusters
-Klimeck, Gerhard, Purdue University, USA

High Performance Algorithms for Scalable Spin-Qubit Circuits with Quantum Dots
-Fettig, John, NCSA/University of Illinois, USA

Parallel Multi-Zone Methods for Large-Scale Multidisciplinary Computational Physics Simulations
-Li, Ding, Purdue University, USA

Applications Papers III: Performance Measurement

PerfSuite: An Accessible, Open Source Performance Analysis Environment for Linux
-Kufrin, Rick, NCSA/University of Illinois, USA

Development and Performance Analysis of a Simulation-Optimization Framework on TeraGrid Linux Clusters
-Mirghani, Baha Y, North Carolina State University, USA

Optimizing Performance on Linux Clusters Using ADvanced Communication Protocols: How 10+ Teraflops Was Achieved on a 8.6 Teraflops Linpack-Rated Linux Cluster
-Krishnan, Manojkumar, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, USA

Systems Papers I: Reliability

Reducing Overheating-Induced Failures via Performance-Aware CPU Power Management
-Hsu, Chung Hsing, Los Alamos National Laboratory, USA

Towards Cluster Survivability
-Leangsuksun, Box, Louisiana Tech University, USA

Defining and Measuring Supercomputer Reliability, Availability, and Serviceability (RAS)
-Stearley, Jon, Sandia National Laboratories, USA

Systems Papers II: File Systems

Active Storage Processing in a Parallel File System
-Nieplocha, Jarek, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, USA

Shared Parallel Filesystems in Heterogeneous Linux Multi-Cluster Environments
-Woitaszek, Matthew, University of Colorado, Boulder, USA

Systems Papers III: Cluster Management Systems

Concept and Implementation of CLUSTERIX: National Cluster of Linux Systems
-Wryzkowski, Roman, Czestochowa University of Technology, Poland

REM-Rocks: A Runtime Environment Migration Scheme for Rocks-Based Linux HPC Clusters
-Liu, Tong, Dell, Inc., USA

Systems Papers IV: Monitoring and Detection

Deploying LoGS to Analyze Console Logs on an IBM JS20
-Prewett, James E., HPC@UNM, University of New Mexico, USA

Detection of Privilege Escalation for Linux Cluster Security
-Treaster, Michael, NCSA/University of Illinois, USA

Systems Papers V: Hardware and Systems

Performance of Two-Way Opteron and Xeon Processor-Based Servers for Scientific and Technical Applications
-Pase, Doug, IBM, USA