This is an archived page of the 2007 conference


The 8th International Conferenced on Clustered Computing is run by several committees.

Conference Chair:

Dave Norton
The Portland Group, USA

Program Co-Chairs:

Technical Papers:
Luiz DeRose
Cray Inc., USA

Technical Presentations:
Henry Neeman
University of Oklahoma, USA

Mike Pflugmacher

Technical Briefs and Posters:
Gregg Rohaly
Hewlett-Packard, USA

Ron Brightwell
Sandia National Laboratories, USA

Keynotes and Panel:
Timothy Thomas
University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM, USA

Finance and Logistics Chair:
John Towns

Publicity Chair:
Barbara Jewett

Conference Planner:
Becky McGreal

Herbert Morgan

Program Committee:

Pete Beckman - ANL, USA
Stefano Cozzini - INFM, Sissa, Italy
Jose C. Cunha - New University of Lisbon, Portugal
Cesar De Rose - CPAD - PUCRS/HP, Brazil
Jack Dongarra - University of Tennessee, USA
Patrick Geoffray - Myricom, Inc., USA
Brett Gorda - LLNL, USA
Paul Gray - University of Northern Iowa, USA
David Joiner - Kean University, USA
Terry Jones - LLNL, USA
Patricia Kovatch - San Diego Supercomputing Center, USA
Werner Krotz-Vogel - Intel, Germany
Rick Kufrin - NCSA/UIUC, USA
James H. Laros III- Sandia National Laboratories, USA
Box Leangsuksun - Louisiana Tech, USABrent Leback- PGI, USA
Kuan-Ching Li - Providence University, Taiwan
Greg Lindahl - QLogic, USA
John Michalakes - NCAR, USA
Barton Miller - University of Wisconsin, USA
Bernd Mohr - Research Center Juelich, Germany
Shirley Moore - University of Tennessee, USA
Tom Murphy - Contra Costa College, USA
Wolfgang E. Nagel - Dresden University of Technology, Germany
Jean-Paul Navarro - Argonne National Laboratory, USA
Jarek Nieplocha - Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, USA
Charlie Peck - Earlham College, USA
Christoph Pospiech - IBM, Germany
Jean-Pierre Prost - IBM, France
Philip C. Roth - ORNL, USA
John Shalf - LBNL, USA
David Skinner - NERSC, USA
Nils Smeds - KTH, Sweden
John Taylor - Streamline-Computing, UK
Patricia Teller - UTEP, USA
Jim Tuccillo - Linux Networkx, USA
Henry Tufo - University of Colorado at Boulder and NCAR, USA
Patrick H. Worley - ORNL, USA

Steering Committee:

Robert Ballance - Sandia National Laboratories, USA
Ron Brightwell - Sandia National Laboratories, USA
Luiz DeRose - Cray, Inc., USA
Barney Maccabe - HPC@UNM, USA
Henry Neeman - University of Oklahoma, USA
Dave Norton - The Portland Group, USA
Douglas Pace - IBM, USA
Mike Pflugmacher - NCSA/UIUC, USA
Gregg Rohaly, HP, USA
Erik Scott - Shell, USA
John Towns - NCSA/UIUC, USA
Tim Thomas - HPC@UNM, USA