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2023 Introductory Workshop Travel/Lodging Info

Getting to the University of Oklahoma

Will Rogers World Airport (OKC)

  1. As you leave the OKC airport, look for the on-ramp to I-44 on your right. There’s only one such on-ramp, which is actually I-44 westbound.
  2. After you’ve been on I-44 W for a few miles, you’ll come to a fork between I-44 W and I-44 E. Stay on I-44 W on the right side.
  3. You’ll come to a major curve. DON’T take the I-44 W exit; instead, stay on the same road, which will become I-240 E (go figure).
  4. After several miles, take the I-35 S exit (toward Dallas).
  5. Follow I-35 S out of Oklahoma City, through Moore, and into Norman.

Getting to Oklahoma Memorial Union

(B) Driving Directions to the Oklahoma Memorial Union

(1) From I-35, take the Lindsey St exit (#106? or thereabouts) eastbound.

(2) Take Lindsey St to any of 24th Ave SW (immediately off the exit), McGee, Wylie, Pickard, Flood, Chautauqua or Elm and turn left (northbound) onto that street.

(3) Take that street northbound to Boyd St.

(4) Turn right (eastbound) onto Boyd.

(5) Take Boyd eastbound to Asp Ave.

(6) IF YOU DON’T HAVE A PRE-PURCHASED VISITOR PARKING PASS (or you want to park at the Union to avoid walking):

(6a) Park in the Union parking deck ($2 per hour, up to $14 per day)

(6a-i) From Boyd, turn right (southbound) onto Asp.

(6a-ii) The Union will be about one block down Asp from Boyd, on the right (west), first the Union parking deck and then the Union is adjacent to the parking deck.

(6a-iii) Enter the Union from its parking deck.

NOTE: You *CANNOT* use a pre-purchased parking pass in the Union parking deck.

(6b), IF YOU HAVE A PRE-PURCHASED VISITOR PARKING PASS ($3 per day) and you don’t mind a short walk

(6b-i) Cross the traffic signals at Asp and Jenkins Ave.

(6b-ii) Turn right (southbound) onto Trout Ave.

(6b-iii) Turn right (westbound) onto University Place.

(6b-iv) Park in either the lot on your left (south), or the lot on your right (north), or the lot in front of you (west). Typically the south lot is the easiest to find a parking space in.

(6b-v) Walk from your car westbound (away from Trout) toward Jenkins Ave.

(6b-vi) Continue to walk westbound, crossing Jenkins and traveling along Felgar St a few blocks until you reach the Union at the far (west) corner of Asp and Felgar.

On your left (south) will be Facilities Management and then Engineering Lab; on your right (north) will be Rawlings Engineering Practice Facility, then Gallogly Hall, then Felgar Hall.

Hotel Options

Here’s a listing of hotels in Norman:

Also, the following hotels are under $98/night:

(a) Best Western: SureStay

(b) Choice Hotels: Comfort Inn, Sleep Inn

(c) Independent: Express Inn & Suites

(d) Marriott: Fairfield Inn

(e) Radisson: Country Inn & Suites

(f) Wyndham: Days Inn, La Quinta, Super 8, Travelodge

(g) Red Lion: America’s Best Value

Please book the accommodations that best cater to your needs.

Parking Information

Participants can purchase parking passes in advance on the OU Parking webpage:

(a) Go to:

(b) In the lower left, click on: Purchase Visitor Permit

(c) Create a guest account.

(d) When the Parking Portal page loads, click on: Get Permits

(e) Follow the instructions.

In case of any questions, please reach out to Lavanya Podila